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SteelSeat Customers

Ronnie Miller with Charlie Pride

Ronnie Miller of Charlie Pride's band the Pridesman says, "Great seats wish I would have had one years ago."

Johnny Cow with SteelSeat

Loves the Effect Unit on legs with a removable legs. Johnny Cox, has played with first with Lonzo & Oscar. Soon he was playing with Del Reeves. Among the artists Cox has recorded or played with are Mel Tillis, Charlie Louvin, Jimmy C. Newman, Ernest Tubb, Bonnie Raitt, Jim Ed Brown, Cal Smith, Mandy Barnett, Billy Walker, Roy Drusky, and Justin Tubb.

JD Maness JD Maness. The Academy of Country Music Steel Guitar Player Of The Year 1970, and by 1999 he had been re-elected a further 16 times. Elected to the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame 2003. Played with Buck Owens (first taste of TV on Hee Haw), Vince Gill, Herb Alpert, did the original plot for the "Dukes of Hazzard" (and many more TV and movies), Eric Andersen, Tony Booth, the International Submarine Band, Glen Campbell, the Carpenters, Carlene Carter, Neil Diamond, Phil Everly and Arlo Guthrie. He was a founding member of the Desert Rose Band, and later worked with fellow bandsman Chris Hillman. Other credits include Engelbert Humperdinck, Lyle Lovett, Country Joe McDonald, Rose Maddox, Bette Midler, Gram Parsons, Bonnie Raitt, Earl Scruggs, Ringo Starr, Tanya Tucker, Dwight Yoakam and many more. Too many recording sessions to mention but only a few are - "Misty" Ray Stevens, "Tears in Heavens" Eric Clapton, "Hello Trouble" Desert Rose Band,"Sweetheart of the Rodeo" album The Byrds, worked at the "World Famous" Palomino Club in LA for many years – plus many more.

Williamm Paschoal with SteelSeat

William Paschoal, involved in Tone Steel Guitars, Sao Paulo, Brazil says, "Great seat I love it"

Fred Rogan Steel Seat

Great work. Very pleased at quality of construction and materials used. The big surprise: I had been using one of those $35 folding piano stools for the 4 years I have been playing steel and I knew my posture was not good when playing. Sitting on my Steel-Seat, I found myself leaning back (glad I got the backrest) and then found I could see pedals and sit up straight and play with my arms extended in a very natural way, all at the same time. So much more comfortable!!!
Thanks for a great product. Fred Rogan

norm hamlet

Norm Hamlet with Merle Haggard and the Strangers

Steel Seat steel guitar seat

Joe, just got the packaseat and I have to say it was built with great craftsmanship. I love it and with my long legs it fits pefectly. Thanks again for getting it out so quick. Steve Shields (Rowdy) Wilmington, NC


I love my "Steelseat" Swivel. It allows me to play my piano sitting in the normal frontal
position and, as I choose, swivel either left or right to communicate with other band members on stage with ease.
I also use my seat in my music room to swivel back and forth from piano to computer and
return. This is so very helpful when writing charts, etc. Being a piano player, Joe customized
the inside of my seat to allow me to carry charts, piano pedal and cables, etc.
Thanks Joe, for building the seat that I've needed for so many years,
.......Roy Rosetta

Steel seats are a strange accessory, necessary (to me) and with variables like cushion density and adjustability that make the "fit" somewhat personal. I understand much of the brand loyalty. I started with an original Marrs ShoBud seat in the late 70's, wore it out, and since have owned every one of the major brands and several custom jobs. In all honesty your seat is the most comfortable and best fit for me of any of the many I've tried. The lite version is fantastic for smaller gigs, and the laminate covering is perfect for road wear. Your build quality is stellar. So, I recommend your seats to all my students and road buddies, and any time it comes up in discussion. As you may recall, I purchased my lite seat used, and you went out of your way to help me get the legs right, even though I wasn't "really" a customer. The steel community appreciates stellar service, and I never forget it! - Mark Van Allen

tim flack with steel seat

Steelseats are not only for steel players anymore -
guitar players, keyboard players and bass players use them, too.

Hi Joe, I got my seat from you a few weeks ago and am loving it. I prefer sitting in a natural position when I play rather than balancing on a bar stool and my SteelSeat is the perfect height to play, sing and work floor effects comfortably. The custom compartments inside fit everything from my CD's to cables and effects perfectly, snug but easy to get everything in and out. Your craftsmanship and attention to detail is really impressive and the seat really feels like it's built to last. It's simply exactly what I needed. The only thing it's missing is a cupholder.
- Tim Flack

tim flack with steel seat

Brian Whelan is currently on tour with Dwight Yoakam.
He has previously played with the Broken West/Apex Manor, Mike Stinson and Rod Melancon.

zac brown

The Zac Brown Band - Clay Cook (far left) / Guitar, Organ, Mandolin, Pedal Steel, Vocals

tommy dodd Steel Seat effects box

Tommy Dodd (with a smile), Custom Seat Original now plus a Lite and an effects box on legs

steel seat

Des Hetherington – New Zealand - custom made with Jade inlay

steel seat

Chuck Back, Desert Rose. Guitar player and steel player. Lite Seat.


"My Lite Seat built by Joe is outstanding in many ways. It is compact, light, sturdy, comfortable, durable, spacious, and attractively designed. It takes up roughly half the amount of space in my SUV as my former seat, yet still has that strong, dense cushion for which Steel Seat is famous. Best of all, my wife can lift it...ha! Great job, Joe!" Chris LeDrew

steel seat

Great seats! Here is a photo of Gretchen's Band taken in Las Vegas. Notice the seat in the photo.
Gaylon Mathews, Gretchen Wilson Band

We recently heard from a steel player in the great state of Maine who added another D-10 to his collection and wanted another Steelseat.com Seat to match the above mentioned guitar. (Yes, he has two Steelseat.com Seats). He was approached by another steel player who wanted to trade two seats of another brand (Walker) for one of his Steelseat.com Seats. Well, under no circumstances would he make this trade and he states that besides the Steelseat.com Seat's superior construction, the comfort of the Steelseat.com Seat foam was more than enough reason not to make this 2 for 1 trade. Take the test yourself and let your rear end decide for you. And remember, unless you have our emblem on your seat you probably paid too much!


With my new Lite seat, which replaces the Original
that I used for several years.
Cal Sharp, Dickson, TN

This is the best seat and best seat value on the market and it has more storage than any seat I've seen.
Hook Moor, Charleston, WV

robby springfield billy phelps

Here's the great Robby Springfield with his new SteelSeat.com Seat!

Texas Picker Billy Phelps with his new steelseat.com Steelseat.