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Price List effective Jan 1, 2016

At Steelseat.com you pay only the FedEx Ground or U. S. Postal charges. There is not a hidden handling or packing charge. We FedEx Ground for most shipments in the lower 48 and / or U. S. Postal. U. S. Post Office seems to be the best for all other shipments including all international. We accept only Pay Pal (add 5%), Western Union, personal Checks, Bank Cashier’s checks and Postal Money orders. Due to all the Check and Money Order Fraud please allow 5 to 7 working days for them to clear our bank. Thank you for understanding!
Cancelled Orders: All cancelled orders will incur a 15% restocking fee on Black Seats
and a 50% restocking fee on any other seats.

lite seat lite seat lite seats

Lite (with back rest $295) $225

slimline slimline slimline

SlimLine (with back rest $330) $270

steel seats

steel seats steel seats

Original (with back rest $380) $320

(a) Effects Box on legs (12 ½" x 16 ¾" inside useable space) $245
(b) Effects Box on legs (12 ½ x 23" inside useable space) $320
(c) Effects Box – floor (with tilt inside- 12 ½" x 16 ¾" useable) $270
(d) Effects Box-floor (with tilt inside-12 ½" x 23" useable) $320
All Effects boxes are ½" wood material and come with foam padded removable lid to hold effects in place while transporting
For other sizes and options contact Steelseats.


Full depth with castors (Sewing, Craft, Computer, Studio, etc.) (with Back Rest $430) $370

(Add a tray to above only Full Depth seat only) $70

Seat - Amp (call factory with details) - (see notes below *)


Back Rest $60
Swivel (all models) $100
Power Strip (not available on Lite Models) $70
SideKar (SlimLine only) $80
SideKar (Original only) $100
Bar Holder for SideKar 2 bars (3 bars $90) 60
Adjustable Legs $60
Adjustable Back Rest $60
Recessed Handle / Latches (like road cases) not available on Lite models) $200
Extra Standard Handles $25
Personalized Embroidery $50
Telescoping Handle/Wheels (Original & Seat Amp only) $120
Fender type Tweed (add one week to deliver) - (another option is Tweed type vinyl which is no additional charge) $80
Mica (supplied by customer) $60 (check with factory)

• Other options may be added from time to time and priced on a case by case basis when available.
• Exotic Materials, Mica etc. are on a case by case basis or customer supply.
• Parts for steelseats ONLY (We do not have parts for other brands of seats – no rebuilds except steelseats)

* Seat - Amp (call factory with details)

Example of Seat-Amp pricing (specs by customer) with GK mb 200 Power Amp & 12" Neo speaker $1,200
(many options available) (less speaker $1,000)
(1) Other options may be added and priced at that time
(2) Exotic Materials priced on an individual basis (including leather)
(3) Parts and Rebuilds for steelseats ONLY (No parts other brands of seats)
(5) ALL PRICES ARE f. o. b. Avondale, AZ (shipping prices will be added)