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The Original SteelSeat


The Original Steelseat has enough storage area to accommodate up to three volume pedals and more. Including ALL your cords and other items you need to keep you on the road. Remember, Steelseat.com has 374 more cubic inches of storage space than ANY known seat on the market today, and a SideKar, which offers even more storage space, is available. How do we do it? Well, first off we don't sell to dealers who in many instances mark their seats up as much as 250% from the wholesale price they pay to the manufacturer. Second, we don't have a toll free order line or a printed catalog because those things can be very expensive therefore forcing the dealer to charge high prices just to recoup his overhead. Our catalog is here online for anyone with access to a computer. And easily kept up to date, plus you can email for photos.

steel seat
    • Oversize backrest offers the ultimate in lumbar support.
    • Total storage space of 1182 cubic inches.
    • Only the highest quality latches are used, for years of troublefree service.
    • Constructed from ½ highgrade material.
    • Legs are spaced to the outside of the seat for the utmost in stability.
    • Seat and backrests' feature high quality 1 1/2" and 1" super dense aircraft foam for years of FIRM support.
    • All seats & backrests are covered with the highest-quality automotive fabric in your choice of colors.
    • Steelseat.com does NOT use vinyl on the seats and backrests (high quality fabric is standard on all seats and backrests in your choice of colors at NO EXTRA CHARGE.
    • All boxes are covered with durable automotive vinyl in your choice of any color at NO EXTRA CHARGE.
    • Extruded aluminum angle on all four edges protects the box from dings and scrapes.
    • Stop hinge for lifetime durability.
    • We offer a wide selection of fabric and vinyl choices in a variety of colors and textures, including the ever popular vintage tweed.

steel seat Steelseat.com seat height is the industry standard 20 inches.  
Need a taller or shorter seat height? It's no problem at Steelseat.com!  
Have it your way, longer or shorter legs are NO EXTRA CHARGE!

The Lite Model

Musicians asked for a light weight seat. The Lite model is just that.
After a few were sold someone asked for a back rest (now available as well.)

steel seat

The Slimline

Others asked for a Slimline that is between the Lite and the Original in depth. They also asked for a Slimline with a SideKar and back rest. This model helps to round out the complete line of seats. (Also included is the optional bar holder)


The Sewing/Craft Seat

A sewing seat that is comfortable with good firm foam to help the seamstress's back and to allow them to sew for as long as they want in comfort. In addition to the firm cushion and the collapsible back the seat allows for storage. Currently there is storage in the bottom of the seat for cloth plus there are either 1 or 2 inserts that can keep all the buttons, thread, etc. as needed. This allows for the storage that sometimes is not available in a convenient space in the sewing seat.