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"America's #1 Choice For Steel Guitar Seating"

lite seat

Lite Model

a small light weight seat that weighs around 12 pounds

Lite Model with a Back Rest

still fits under an airplane seat


A storage seat between the Lite and the Original.

Convenient access to tools while playing with the Sidekar option. Plenty of storage space for picks, bars in bar holder (when specified) and strings.

steel seats

The Original
Steel Seat


The Computer/Sewing/Craft Seat

A seat that is comfortable with good firm foam to help the user's back and to allow them to work for as long as they want in comfort. In addition to the firm cushion and the collapsible back the seat allows for storage. Currently there is storage in the bottom of the seat for tools, etc. plus there are either 1 or 2 inserts that can keep all other materials as needed. This allows for the storage that sometimes is not available in a convenient space in other seats.
road cases
seat-amp by SteelSeat

Not Just for Steel Guitarists Anymore!

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More Models

Tall Seats - Great for guitar players, bass players and keyboard players. Up to 29" seat height.

Original • Original w/SideKar • Lite • SlimLine • Slimline w/SideKar • Sewing/Craft • Computer/Office

More Options

Many colors, vinyls, and coatings for base • Many back rests and cushion options
Adjustable height— available all models • Swivel seats— available all models
Bar holders— SideKar models • Recessed handles and latches available
Adjustable back rests • Power strips w/On-Off & surge protection
Telescoping handle & surge pretection
Telescoping handle & wheels (Original model)

NEW! The Seat-Amp

seat-amp by SteelSeat

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The Swivel Seat

The heavy duty swivel has a 90 degree stop on it and a spring return. It was first made for keyboard players but since its introduction many other musicians have decided to purchase them as well. One use that several steel players mentioned is if they play a second instrument they can swivel to the left or right and play that instrument rather than getting up and moving to another seat. Some guitar players and bass players not only want the swivel but a taller seat which is also available from steelseats.

Available on all models without losing any stroage space.

The additional price for the swivel option is $100.00.

steel seat

steel guitar covers
Custom Made Covers for Steel Guitars and Amps at Sharp Covers Nashville

Joe Naylor and Bud Isaccs

Bud, Gerri and Joe at the 2011 Southwestern Steel Guitar Show

dallas show

"Put your seat on our seat and experience the difference."

Steelseat.com has the largest storage area of any steel guitar seat being manufactured today and
sports the largest backrests of ANY steel guitar seat on the market. PLUS, 374 more cubic inches of storage plus now with a SideKar available.

Have your seat personalized!

tommy steel seat

buddy emmons
Steel Guitar God Buddy Emmons "test drives" one of our Steelseat.com seats at Scotty's International Steel Guitar Convention in Saint Louis. Our seats will NOT tip over backward when the backrest is in the upright position and the seat is then opened, as demonstrated by this rather large tomcat!


SteelSeat History

W. C. Edger started the company in Kansas, and then
a record deal forced him to sell the company.

Thom and LuAnn Beeman bought the company and moved it to Apple Valley, CA.
After Thom's passing in Feb '09, Luann and Joe Naylor
discussed the continuation of the company.

Joe still says, "There is a little bit of W. C. and Thom in every seat."
RIP Mr. Thom.

joe naylor

Joe and Denise are making every effort to continue the high quality of steelseat
and to add more and more options.

Handcrafted with pride in the USA
us flad

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